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Astronergy370 (CHSM60M-HC-370W)

Astronergy Solar is a fully owned subsidiary of Chint Group, which is an electrical power transmission and electricity distribution company in China.

Astronergy CHSM60M-HC-370W Bi-facial solar panel meaning it can absorb sunlight from the top and bottom of the solar panel, increasing the output by up to 30% (depending on what the light reflected off). The series has monocrystalline half cut solar cells which increases the power density and shade resilience. The front side has a 20.2% efficiency rate, and the back has a 14.2% efficiency rate for reflected light.

Compared with the traditional white EVA plastic back-sheet, the Astronergy solar panel has glass on the front and back which increases the stability of the solar panel, and improves the UV degradation rate to 0.5% per year (0.7% a year is an industry standard)


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